Gold nano-ink 10-15 %wt

Gold nano-ink 10-15 %wt

Characteristics of Gold nano-ink
Mass fraction of gold: 10-15 weight%
Size of nanoparticles: <50 nm<

The composition of the dispersion of gold nano-ink:
- Gold nanoparticles (concentration 10-15 wt %)
- Oleylamine (as a stabilizer)
- Terpene alcohol (as a solvent)

Cost: 1 ml - EUR 76 | USD 88 

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* Gold nano-ink may also contain trace amounts of sodium borohydride, sodium citrate, toluene, ethanol, acetone.

According to the results of scanning electron microscopy, the gold nanoparticles have a spherical shape and narrow particle size distribution of 15 ± 4 nm.

Size distribution of gold nanoparticles



SEM-images of gold nanoparticles: a – heat treatment at 80 ℃; b – heat treatment at 260 ℃.

Gold nano-ink resistance.