Platinum nano-ink

Platinum nano-ink

Characteristics of Platinum nano-ink:
Mass fraction of platinum: <6 weight%
Size of nanoparticles: <11 nm

The composition of the dispersion of platinum nano-ink:
- Platinum nanoparticles (concentration 5-6 wt %)
- Polyvinylpyrrolidone (a stabilizer)
- Ethylene glycol (as a solvent and a stabilizer)

Cost: 1 ml -  EUR 55 | USD 63

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According to the results of transmission electron microscopy, the platinum nanoparticles have a spherical shape and narrow particle size distribution, < 11nm.

TEM-image and electron diffraction of platinum nanoparticles from its dispersion.

Histogram of Pt-nanoparticles size.

The absorption spectrum of the dispersion of platinum nanoparticles.

Below are scanning electron microscopy images of printed lines of platinum nano-ink with different annealing temperature.





SEM images of Pt-nanoparticles: a) without heat treatment; b) heat treatment at 200 °C; c) heat treatment at 500 °C; d) heat treatment at 800 °C.