Graphene oxide (powder)

Graphene oxide (powder)

Characteristics of Graphene oxide(powder):
The lateral dimension of graphene oxide flakes: <3 μm
Thickness: ≤2 graphene layers

Cost: 1 g - EUR 70 | USD 78.5

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Graphene oxide - is a dark gray fine-dispersed powder. Under the action of ultrasound in polar and hydrophilic solvents forms stable dispersions (water, alcohols, etc.). Under the action of ultrasound in nonpolar hydrophobic solvents forms unstable dispersions (hexane). Keep the powder at room temperature in a closed weighing bottle.

Models structure of the individual layer of graphene oxide (top view and side view)

SEM image of graphene oxide powder

Elemental analysis of graphene oxide, CHN-analysis
С 58,0±1,0 %, H 1,5±0,5%, O 39,0±1,0%
(possible presence of trace amounts of sulfur, less than 0.05%)

XRD- analysis of graphite oxide

Review XPS- spectra of graphene oxide