Nanographite (dispersion)

Nanographite (dispersion)

Characterictics of Nanographite(dispersion)
Size of graphene flakes: < 500 µm
Thickness: ≤ 50 nm
Concentration: < 1 mg/ml

Cost: 0,5 l - EUR 5 | USD 5.5

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Nanografite dispersion (concentration of nanographite to 1 mg/ml) - is the dispersion of nanographite in water of dark gray color. Particles of nanographite have a metallic luster. As a stabilizer for aqueous dispersions, the addition of surfactants is possible. The precursor of nanografite is natural graphite (purity 99.99%). The content of low-layer graphenes in the nanographite dispersion is 1-3%.

* Between graphite and its structural element - graphene there is an "intermediate state", which is commonly called nanographite.

Schematic image of nanographite, N - the number of graphene layers; 10˂N˂50

X-ray phase analysis of nanographite powder:

Raman scattering spectra:
a) natural graphite (a precursor for synthesis of nanographite); b) nanographite without surfactant; c) nanographite with DBSS:

Diagrams of the size distribution of nanographite dispersions (method - dynamic light scattering)

a) nanographite without surfactant; b) nanographite with DBSS