ZnO nano-ink

ZnO nano-ink

Characteristics of ZnO nano-ink:
Mass fraction of zinc oxide: 2 weight%
Crystallization temperature: 300-500°С

Composition of «ZnO» functional nano-ink:
Solute: coordination compounds of zinc
Solvent: ethanol
Dynamic viscosity: from 2 mPa·s (T=20±2°C)
Relative mass fraction of zinc oxide: 1 wt.%
ZnO thin film crystallization temperature: 300-500°С

Cost: 1 ml - EUR 5 | USD 5.5

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The appearance of zinc oxide thin films printed with a Dimatix DMP-2831 inkjet printer on glass substrates

UV-Vis transmittance spectra of zinc oxide thin films printed on substrates of different types (а – glass, b – quartz)

Micrographs of zinc oxide thin film printed on glass substrate surface (according to AFM)