Silver nanoparticles (dispersion)

Silver nanoparticles (dispersion)

Characteristics of Silver nanoparticles(dispersion)
Mass fraction of silver: <0.5 weight%
Size of nanoparticles: <8-12 nm
Solvent: water

The composition of the dispersion of silver nano-ink:
- Silver nanoparticles (concentration 0,5 wt %)
- Solvent - water

Cost: 0,5 l - EUR 27 | USD 31

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* Silver nanoink also contains traces amounts of sodium citrate - as stabilizer, sodium nitrate, silver nitrate, boric acid, deionized water.

TEM-image and electron diffraction of silver nanoparticles from dispersion of silver nanoparticles.

According to the results of transmission electron microscopy, the silver nanoparticles have a spherical shape and narrow particle size distribution of 10 ± 2 nm.

Histogram Ag-nanoparticle size.

The absorption spectrum of the dispersion of silver nanoparticles.

XRD analysis of Ag-nanoparticles obtained by heat treating the dispersion of silver nanoparticles at t = 100 ° C for 30 min.