Manufacture of metal and semiconductor nanochernil based on silver, gold, platinum nanoparticles and coordination compounds of titanium oxide. Performing printing on the Fujifilm Dimatix 2831 installation of prototypes of conductive structures, microheaters, resistors, antennas, etc. on various types of substrates including flexible, textile, etc.


The company has set up the production of nano-ink based on silver, gold, and platinum nanoparticles and coordination compounds of titanium oxide with high specific conductivity, colloid stability, and low sintering temperature. AkKo Lab-produced nano-ink is suitable for use in printing units such as Fujifilm Dimatix. Printing is performed on almost any surfaces (including flexible ones) with an accuracy of several microns, with the minimum sizes of printed elements starting from 20×20×3 micrometers. AkKo Lab carries out R&D of printing components of electronic microcircuits, such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, antennas, electrically conductive circuits, resistors, semiconducting coatings, micro heaters, etc.

Joint application of nanoink (with the properties of conductors, semiconductors and dielectrics) and state-of-the-art printing platforms (inkjet, aerosol and other types of printing) allow to significantly cut the cost of electronic products, increasing the efficiency of their production and create flexible instruments with improved performance, increased reliability and environmental safety.

Inkjet technology compares favorably with other methods widely used in the production of electronic devices (photolithography, thick-film technology, etc.) due to lower costs and the ability to print on almost any media (plastic, paper, film, textiles, etc.); at the same time, the substrate undergoes no significant changes in the printing process. Therefore, this technology allows creating flexible, transparent electronic devices with relatively low costs.

Batteries, capacitors, thin-film transistors, memory cells, OLED and LCD displays, sensors, RFID antennas, photodetectors, capacitors, solar batteries, connecting elements of microcircuits, holograms, etc. are demonstrated at international exhibitions as final products of printer technology.

Today, AkKo Lab manufactures and sells metal and semiconductor nano-ink around the globe. The product is successfully supplied to Russia, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Spain, France, Israel, and England.